I respect the jest that this comment was said, but I don’t know sometimes some joke must be left unsaid.

from Inquirer here do read the whole thing its a short post:

Past Forward
One Visayas

By Jobers Bersales
Cebu Daily News
First Posted 12:44:00 08/28/2008

Antique Gov. Sally Zaldivar-Perez charmed — or maybe I should say outsmarted — the local media last week when, at the presscon following the initial meeting for what will tantamount to be the largest Visayas-wide culture and arts festival early next year. She was asked if this was nothing more than a political vehicle to propel Gov. Gwen Garcia to a national position in 2010. Her answer was an unexpected “Why not?” quickly followed by “I would be happy if this would evolve into a political movement that would eventually make Governor Garcia the Prime Minister of the Federal State of the Visayas.” This left the media stunned, unable to react while Governor Garcia was left shaking her head in bemused denial.