Great News nonetheless.

from GMA News here

(Update) RP wushu athlete cops gold in Olympic demo sport
08/22/2008 | 09:20 PM
MANILA, Philippines – The Philippines can find some solace in Willy Wang’s feat.

Wang won the gold medal in the combined events of men’s nanquan and nangun (bare fists) Friday to somehow make up for the country’s listless performance in the Beijing Olympics.

But because wushu is only a demonstration sport, Wang’s victory will not count in the regular medal standings.

The wushu gold is reminiscent of the gold medal won by Arianne Cerdeña in the 1988 Seoul Olympics. Cerdeña’s triumph in bowling did not count because it was an exhibition sport. – GMANews.TV

I didn’t know this bowling factiod. Hmmm if only Nepomuceno was a lot younger.

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