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As distinct from happiness, of course:

1. If a kid does badly in school, does the parent genuinely get mad at the kid and withhold affection?

2. Can people wait in an orderly line?

3. Can people stay in their designated lane when driving a car?

1.  I think based on personal experience YES, The Philippines is relatively poor and studying is a privelege. We have about 37% or around 28 million people 0-14year old which translates to about elementary and highschool (13 million elementary and 6 million highschool students Note: that we are missing 2 years worth of students because this is the available data from the NSO website this means that the percentage would probably or definitely be higher.) 19/28 around 30% this does not even take to account that most students from provincial farming/mountain community have to work in their farms and go to remote schools. What I am trying to say albeit unsuccessfully is that going to school is a big deal. (I am being apologetic but come one different circumstances different reactions)

2. Nope I’ve never found a line  that anybody did not try to cut. I tend to feel that everyone feels It’s below them to fall in line. I remember reading a story in the local newspaper about one of the Ayala brothers (owners of Globe probably 3 riches family in the Philippines, Old Rich) falling in line in the Airport being approached by some newly rich (mostly from government contract the writer quipped) asking “why are you falling in line ? go with me I know people here, You don’t need to waste your time”, that man was respectfully smiled at and not politely told no thank’s

3. I do not drive because driving here is simply crazy. People have no respect for right of way.

for 1 and 2 people need to imbibe the notion that in a cultured world you shall have your turn, you just have to wait for it.