Its sad when you have a senator who got elected because his wife is a superstar.

Its sad when you have a senator few virtues is being a great action star.

Its sad when you have senators whose only contributions were low quality filibustering.

Its sad when you have a president who never follows the laws she doesn’t like.

Its sad when everyone is calling for a gas tax holiday.

Its sad when the media doesn’t even realize that a tax holidays is just a cash transfer to the oil companies.

Its sad when your country is being cut into two because of pressures from secessionist.

Its sad when the only reaction of your government to spiraling prices for foodstuffs is to increase income tax deductions.

Its even sadder when the tax cut isn’t being felt because your tax bureau is holding back the tax table causing the said tax cut to be useless.

to be continued…..

Maybe its universal .. from paul krugman here:

All this is in the past. But the state of the energy debate shows that Republicans, despite Mr. Bush’s plunge into record unpopularity and their defeat in 2006, still think that know-nothing politics works. And they may be right.