Raising The Tide

ht to  Bill Scher

ty Brad Delong here:
This is conservatism. The dismissal of economic burdens from others making less money than you. The belief that an ideal economy can thrive with a small boat of winners and a giant sinking ship of losers. The insistence that your economic dissatisfaction is illegitimate, and can only be explained by a brainwashing from the media or politicians.

I’ve written my belief that the circumstances of one’s life affects the things one achieves  and although I believe that people can break free from the constraints of their environment(this I am trying to prove personally) I will always be thankful for whatever break that comes my way. Always realizing that what often we call hardwork may just be a different sort of luck. This is why the quote resonates with me deeply.

We should not think of ourselves to highly.  Always remember the cognitive biases.