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In other words, our choices depend upon what’s available, not what’s rational. This is true of even highly intelligent people.
And of course, your neighbourhood, your school influences what seems available to you. This is why peer effects matter.  If you’re surrounded by people who carry knives, you’re more likely to carry one yourself, simply because the option of doing so is more salient. Similarly, if your friends are all studying for Oxbridge, you might be more likely to do so.
My personal history corroborates this. I got into Oxford – from which the rest was straightforward –  not because I was smarter or harder-working than others, but because a teacher told me I could do it. Had he not made the choice available, the thought of going to Oxford would never have occurred to me – ability or not.
Circumstances, then, determine choice.

After office me and a couple of my officemates decided to hang out at a nearby Starbucks, I think we stayed for about 2 hours.  I was telling them that I used to be insecure with my educational background and it hampered me for awhile and a considerably long time. It was only when I was able to study the lives of people whom I admired that I came to the conclusion that:

I control my destiny to a large extent.

That , People cannot say what I can and cannot DO.

My Desire And The HardWork That I muster and put in any endeavor Is my own reward.

This is clarion call to people living within the confines of what our environment has put upon us.

We control our lives. Lives we must learn to live on our terms!