No School Today!

Its been almost non stop rain for the past three days, but today was nothing but sunshine.

I wish I had a camera worthy enough to capture the beautiful sunset I am witnessing at the office.

Yes I am at the office, and wasting a beautiful day. (I am on break so forgive my quick post/rant)

The DECS (Department Of Education, Culture and Sports; a cabinet level department in charge of schools and other institutions in the Philippines that fall under its name) declared that there would be no classes today.

My beef is since I was in elementary school the DECS has always declared classes suspended “”a day late and a day long” (just love how you say the previous phrase).

Its been happening for  15 years and probably longer its really shameful how the DECS does their job too poorly.

In a related note. I can’t seem to stop shaking my head whenever I hear kids, young adults (college level students) wishing there was no class.

Let me qualify:

1. I can understand college kids dreading an exam or an oral recitation the next day.

2. I can understand small children wanting to spend time with their parents.

3. I can understand highschool kids wanting to hang out with friends.

What I can’t understand are the people who think of school as boring and worthless.

You control your lives, if the classes are boring you then cut classes and do something productive with your life.

Me and Chuckie were talking after watching Get Smart and the topic veered towards potential.

And I told him that “Its not about maximizing your potential, its maximizing what makes you happy” (I’ll write about this another time).

I just realize that my sentiments were incomplete. i should have said that “Its not about maximizing your potential, its maximizing what makes you happy, as long as you know that you are not modifying what would make you happy because of fear”.

It took me awhile before I finally got this, I hope you do to (Yeah whoever read my blog)