hope we can start something like this in the Philippines where there seems to be extreme void in intelligent discourse !

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(Counter)-hegemonic memes

Although the left invented the concept of cultural hegemony, they (we) have been pretty bad at practicing it. In many ways, it is the right’s preconceptions that are still hegemonic – for example, its use of “middle class” to mean rich, or its stigmatizing of single parents, welfare claimants, trades unionists or public sector workers.
Which raises the question. Shouldn’t we try to start an alternative hegemony?
This would not consist in more than just challenging the above preconceptions. Indeed, merely to challenge them is to lend them credence. To say “welfare claimants are not scroungers” is like a man saying “I don’t beat my wife.” It doesn‘t establish his innocence, but draws attention to suspicions.
No. What we need is something bolder, alternative memes. I’ll get you started with three quick ‘uns:
I offer this as a mere start. We can never tell which memes will take and which won’t, so it’s best to spread a load of them and see what grows.
The point of these, though, is not to be explicitly “radical“ or “transgressive.” Instead, it‘s to claim that we should take for granted certain things, which only idiots or extremists would challenge; this is how the right regards the above-mentioned claims.
And don’t be hung up by the “truth.” After all, the right wasn’t when it began those successful hegemonic memes.
The point about hegemonic memes is not that they are “true“: no simple statement about people or society is ever wholly true, a fact which usually only the most fatuous pedant points out. Instead, they act as default positions – things that are believed as a matter of course by many people, and whose challengers are regarded as marginal or eccentric.
So, what will be the new hegemonic positions?


2 thoughts on “Counter Hegemonic

  1. remember the old joke? there is no such thing as intellectual leftist as much as there is no such thing as military intelligence, and it is probably true, no person in his/her rational state will submit to state slavery willingly or unconditionally 🙂

    sad part is, there are still many people who buy propaganda… afterall we have mastered in the Philippines the business of “Networking”, the early birds enjoy also the plunder of the propagandists! 🙂

  2. So true. I try to force myself to read local news at least once a week and I could probably take a highlighter would find something akin to news worthy of a real journalist. I read news article that seems to be the product of either a press release from a state or contra state function. Another thing to add to the TODO List. Make a better media team/company!