This resonates with me because I am faced with a city where great service in anything is a once in a week event, sometimes sadly once in a month.

This is the reason I tend to eat shop and go to the same places, Its hard to find a place/restaurant/bookstore/ etc that has great service, even just very good service, when I find one I try to patronize them for the sake my quixotic quest of trying to leave this world a better place, or in a more personal tone, try to leave anything just a bit better!

from Seth Godin’s blog:


Just wondering–do you deserve to be recognized by the businesses you patronize, the charities you support and the place you work? Would it feel good to have the barrista remember you? Or the sushi chef at that place you spend so much time and money? (Thanks to Fredd for the link).

Even better, do you think it would be motivating (or even satisfying) to have your boss recognize you for the hard work you did over Memorial Day weekend? Honest recognition, not just a mumbled thanks…

Last question: do you think your customers and co-workers feel the same way?