If you are a President who gets bullied easily , shamed easily and a lot of things etc. you would not get to do a lot of development wor policies. You need to be a “siga” /bully to actually do your work effectively. With the unCivilized Society and lots of special interest having their own agenda.

from the World Bank link here:

pro-development policies are comparatively rare in the developing world less because of the moral fiber of politicians (though that surely matters) than because good politicians typically lack the room for maneuver needed to make desired reforms. This lack of maneuverability is a product of insufficient social cohesion and weak institutions.

And we continually see this happening with most presidents. Whereas Erap wouldn’t let his supporters fight the Edsa 2 mob vacating office , GMA is enough of a badass to probably not care that she is probably the most hated President our republic has had thus far. I am not condoning her , though I admire her balls. The fact is if any one is going to change our country I’s going to probably be someone who
has two big steel ones.

Which leaves us with good people always trying to choose the lesser evil.