I was browsing through the google analytics page of OnTheSpot and I was surprised to note that the number of referrals coming from yahoo mail is double that coming from multiply and the other social networks that I post links to.

I dont know what to make of this, but here are some of my thoughts on this!

  1. Social Networks (friendster,multiply,myspace and facebook) are mostly banned in work/office networks, this probably means that fewer people are clicking through.
  2. People value their time and either have little or no energy to be curious and must prioritize more pressing/urgent matters.
  3. Email is still the number one application for internet communication.
  4. Because often times in work one is bored and combined with no access to friendster they are more apt to sate their boredom!

I’ve started work this April 1, and that is the reason for the light posting. We have a project due April 18 and work will be lighter after that time, hope to find the groove back and post at least twice a day after April 18!