Best Sentence Today 20080331

from Seth Godin’s blog:

Most people spend a lot of time to get an education.

They wait for the teacher (hopefully a great one) to give them something of value.

Many employees do the same thing at work. They wait for a boss (hopefully a great one) to give them responsibility or authority or experiences that add up to a career.

A few people, not many, but a few, take. They take the best education they can get, pushing teachers for more, finding things to do, exploring non-defined niches. They take more courses than the minimum, they invent new projects and they show up with questions.

A few people, not many, take opportunities at work. Marketers have the easiest time of this (sort of hard to commandeer the chain saw) but don’t do it nearly as often as they should.

What have you taken today?

+Getting Vs. Taking

This resonates with me so much. I’ve always had a “take it” attitude. It is not apparent but this is because I seldom want things.

but If I want something the fact is that the I will not be stopped.

(to be continued)