Coming from the philippines where an estimated 1 million Filipino Illegal Immigrants staying in the USA, immigration is an issue I deal with everyday. From family members trying to convince you to be an illegal immigrant (Had a multi entry Visa til may this year), online friends who are illegals, and people who plan to be this is an issue that you cannot fence sit. My take has always been consistent. Opportunity is everywhere and specially in our wild wild west like country. If you are going abroad to study, learn, to work with the best then well and good, But if you are leaving because the children of cowards are better off in so called first world nations. I am being a little harsh, but the fact is most people who have left are the people who the philippines has blessed with the resources to leave. Just think of how many UP and Pisay alumni are overseas and you’d be hard headed to no not understand my frustration.

from Kevin Drum Through Brad De Long:

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Bottom line: “This year’s report results in […] a substantial increase in the number of working-age individuals contributing payroll taxes, but a relatively smaller increase in the number of retirement-age individuals receiving benefits in the latter half of the long-range period.” Give or take a bit, it turns out that this shores up the Social Security system to the tune of around $13 billion per year. Thanks, illegal immigrants!

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