The things we do is what I believe the true revelations to what/who we are and what we really want to be or maybe what we already are.

What do I mean?

When you say you want to become healthy and you still never have any time for exercise or never watch what you eat,

You are betraying yourself.

When you say you want to be hooked or find a nice girl/guy to be with and all you do is stay at your room and read ,

You are betraying yourself.

When you say you want to learn ow to drive/program/fish/etc and you always have an excuse not to,

You are betraying yourself.

Betrayal is one of the most heinous crimes one can commit in a war.In desperate circumstances they are summarily executed. In our lives we are continuously battling to find the perfect job, to find the perfect mate, to find true friends. This is a war that we must win, thus we must execute the betrayers within us, to start living the truth. It is very hard as I am finding out, but what is harder is to meet the end of your life and see that you have too many regrets, choices never decided, paths left untraveled, friends never made, relationships never started,  business never built, dreams never accomplished.

I refuse to regret.

I will buck the trend of this world.

I will continue to dream and pursue action.

I will not live a half-ass life of regret. My parents sacrificed a lot for our family, to put us(their children) in a position to dream. I will not let them sacrifice for naught.   I live for me and for them.

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