A friend recently got the letter that he wrote himself after 6 years.

What hit me is we should be doing things like these more often.

What do I mean things like these?

You know when you are young you have so many wrong ASSumptions that you laugh so much about when you get wiser. The real problem is when the these ASSumptions hurt us and we forget the wrongness of our previous selves and we can’t seem to explain to the NOW YOU why the hell you did somethings you KNOW you won’t be doing if given the chance.

We must learn to accept that change is normal, That we grow wiser through the years, we musn’t forget the OLD YOU because forgetting means being a little condescending with younger people. Forgetting means hating our OLD YOU because you can’t seem to understand some of the things he did. Forgetting means lying awake at night staring at the ceiling and wondering why you were so naive. Life means Growth and we do not live If we stop growing, we are allowed to make mistakes as long as we learn from them, we are allowed , no we continue to make the same mistakes as long as we keep forgetting, I do not want to forget.

Starting now, whenever I am making a semi big decision I am going to write to my future self and explain where I am coming from!

What would I write the future me?

  • What is my present situation?
  • What am I deciding to do?
  • Why am I deciding to do it?
  • How am I going to do it?
  • Why am I doing it that way?

For me these are the minimum things that my future self would like to know.


Always wanting to find the 8spot, failing but never a fail!

This is a peek through my journey!